Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lesson 10 : Perspective 1,2,3

This was a very fun exercise. We were to do one point, two point, and three point perspective drawings. I looked feverishly online for examples and plotted for days about what I wanted to draw. By this point I was craving to do something else besides charcoal and pencil.

My one point, I drug out canvas and painted. It was June and I really could have gone for some snow at this point of the year in NC. My woman is not proportional to the trees and lamp post  but it was still fun to mix paint and do something a little different. 

This one was fun to sketch because I had a tree house growing up and it was a familiar image. I also worked on practicing with texture for this assignment as well.  It drove my daughter crazy that I didn't make the ladder go all the way to the ground but I insisted that you could climb the tree to reach the ladder. 

This was my favorite perspective. I love the drawing by itself. I wanted this to look like a city of toys instead of buildings. I knew I wanted to use Jenga blocks but it took longer to decide on the rest of the town of toys. I had a hole where the bear is for the longest time until my daughter suggest the bear. I colored in this photo digitally in photoshop. I was a little rusty. I am used to modifying in photoshop not actually coloring in.

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