Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lesson 4 : Texture

In this lesson we gave texture examples a whirl. I saw that many of my fellow students struggled with what that meant. Many had to google texture images. Texture is something that we draw without realizing it sometimes. I tried, unsuccessfully to find objects at home with texture. Some were more successful than others. But what I did like was this was the first assignment that perked my daughters attention. She saw me draw and began wondering, "What is Mom doing in there?"

The top was a zoomed in glance at a wicker basket that holds fruit at the house.

The second was the bottom of a garlic bulb.

The third which I actually liked was a Dorito.

The forth was a leaf and the last was the tread on the bottom of my shoe.

I was still trying to get a feel for how this class was suppose to go so it really helped to see how others presented this assignment for our discussion board.

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